Meat Processing

As well as supplying the food industry with meat slicers, we have now developed a range of meat processing equipment. Firstly we will look at the meat and bone saw applications available. There are two variants which will will now look at.

Meat Processing – Bone Saws

Firstly the Meat and bone saws are made completely from stainless steel. The retail version is the Carneoline FK23. Effective enough to cut frozen meat and fresh fish. Ideal for a sales counter or preparation room. A completely robust design with rounded welded edges for hygiene.

Secondly is the Carneoline FK32 this system can be supplied with a variable work area or can be used as a mobile unit. Further giving you complete flexibility as to where you would like it situated or the cutting to be completed.

Meat Processing FK32 Meat and Bone Saw
Meat Processing FK32 Meat and Bone Saw

Meat Processing – Mincers

An addition to the range are the retail and industrial mincers. Two variations depending on your production requirements. The Carneoline FW N32/98 will create different cuts depending on the required produce required. At all times mincing as oppose to squashing the meat. Capable of handling any types of cut generally used in kitchens preparation rooms and butchers. Producing a high volume when required.

Alternatively the smaller mincer from the range is the Carneoline FW N22/82. A compact but robust and reliable unit. It will mince hot and cold food, meat and vegetables. If your clients are looking for freshness. this is a perfect visual solution for any sales counter

Meat Processing Carneoline FW N22 82
Meat Processing Carneoline FW N22 82

Meat Processing – Strip Cutter and Tenderiser

Finally the Carneoline S111 strip cutter and tenderiser. Offering precision reliability and flexibility. Furthermore the compact design lends itself to any environment. The unit can handle fresh meats, cold cuts vegetables and salads.

The following video showcases some of the highlights and features of this fantastic unit.

In conclusion, we have all the tools you need for your meat processing.

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