Ceraclean – The Essence of Purity

Bizerba now introduces  Ceraclean The Essence of Purity. An ingenious solution not only enhancing slicing efficiency but adding a valuable layer of hygiene too.

Already setting the standards with regard hygiene, Bizerba has now introduced, Ceraclean the essence of purity. The new development in technologies and working hard to come up with sustainable and reliable alternative solutions in all areas, but especially with the cutting blades on the slicers.

Ceraclean The Essence of Purity VS Stainless steel

Eliminating welding spots and crating ergonomic and efficient units, the old steel blade technology now look obsolete. By refining the surface of the blades to a point where as a ceramic composite with a mix of PTFE. This is actually harder than steel, perfectly if not more hygienic and so much easier to handle and clean.


Ceraclean The Essence of Purity
Ceraclean The Essence of Purity

Normally stainless steel has been the favourite material of choice for commercial meat slicers, followed closely by Eloxal. Now we are challenging the use of stainless steel blades. For of our new and patented tried and tested material Ceraclean.

Created with the intention of the material to be used in areas where extremely high abrasion would occur, during development we could see the potential and developed it further. Not only is it extremely versatile the non stick and heat resistant properties of the material make it ideal as a cutting blade.

Any fluids, grease or fats just run off this material, so efficient are the non stick properties. It’s actually a challenge to get something to stick to it. The units easily disassembled without tools. The material and housing extremely safe to handle, and guess what.

You can put it in the Dishwasher!!

Also this ceramic technology is not only harder wearing. Lighter, more flexible, easy to clean it is also 100% corrosion resistant. This is the superior coating and the coating of the future for cutting blades in the food industry.

Finally why not contact us today and discover how Ceraclean the essence of purity can not only cut and slice cleaner. Save you energy and enhance your hygiene.