Bizerba has developed and will continue to develop BPF Free Thermal Paper. Much talk in the news and in the industry and a well known fact is that BPA. The reactive acid found in plastic coatings on bottles and containers that is now being fazed out. Little known to the public this compound is also found on Thermal Labels.

Bizerba Thermal Labels are BPA free. BPF Fee and we continue to reduce the BPS content chemical bisphenol version of BPA and BPS. All our products are now less than 0.04% BPS. This is just a slight trace and we are striving to eliminate all and any traces of the chemical blishenol from our products.

Far from being eliminated most manufactures continue to supply BPF, BPA and alternate untested versions of the bisphenol chemicals in our drinks and plastic containers, all within the limits set by standards globally but we feel it our duty and a necessity to eliminate any potential risks no matter how small.

BPF Free Thermal Paper – What are bisphenol chemicals

BPA the common chemical compound and alternative versions are being developed with a view of eliminating any and all health risks. On the side of caution we have decided to completely eliminate the chemical where ever possible and will continue to strive to do so.

Currently we use the cleanest version at the very lowest possible levels, at 0.04% Trace. This is the safest Thermal Label on the Market today, eliminating 100% of the BPA in all our coatings.

Even though the European Food Safety Authority stated “BPA poses no health risk to consumers of any age group”

The United States FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) Banned the use of BPA in baby bottles. However the Environmental Working Group called the ban “purely cosmetic”.

As there is conflicting information and no real conclusion we have decided to side with caution. Eliminating all risks where ever possible.

We are offering safe solutions that pose no health risks. In the future any compound used in our products that is scrutinised in any way. Any chemical under investigation or scrutiny we feel our duty to have it removed. We will endeavour to take the responsible route and eliminate the compound from our product offering and manufacturing facilities.

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