Bizerba Inspection Systems – Vision

Bizerba Inspection Systems enabling you to effectively guarantee a perfect product ever time. Three main areas for detection in the range. X-Ray inspection, Vision inspection and Metal detectors. Each unit to be used as a stand alone inspection system or in conjunction with a checkweigher system.

Bizerba Inspection Systems – X-Ray

X-ray inspection systems

Bizerba Inspection Systems – X-Ray
Inspection Systems – X-Ray

The XRE_2 X-Ra  inspection systems check for contaminants in any packaged or unpack aged products. Identifying foreign objects due to the density within the package. Multiple detection of many different objects to be detected with the x-ray food inspection system.

Bizerba Inspection Systems – Vision

Vision inspection systems

Bizerba Inspection Systems - Vision
Inspection Systems – Vision

Checking by vision the top, sides and bottom of the packages. Two variants in the range the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system and the ThermoSecure L. Both will check and reject incorrect labelling, damaged packages. damaged labels and inconstant packages. The perfect final check for the end of any product line. Helping you avoid costly product recalls.

Bizerba Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

Metal Detectors

Bizerba Inspection Systems - Metal Detection
Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

With a pusher and reject bin, the system will identify and reject and metal contamination in your food production. Extremely sensitive. The pushers can also be set up to redirect any rejected packages for further inspection. Used in conjunction with Bizerba BRAIN food industry software. The system will record and enable full food traceability and quickly help you identify any faults in the line.

All inspection systems come with a large range of additional accessories. Full support and software applications that can easily integrate with your existing third party systems. Inspection systems enable you to have a clear picture on the production and a 100% guarantee that all the goods produced are contamination free.

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