End Of line Inspection Equipment

End of line inspection equipment by Bizerba. As demands increase, So potentially can problems occur during production. As a supplier to the US retail trade, more and more customers are demanding that you have at least one inspection system or end of line inspection equipment in place.

End Of line Inspection Equipment – Minimum Requirements

Additional inspection systems to be used with your inline checkweigher system is now a must. The minimum requirements now are that you have at least one X-Ray Food machine in place. Metal detectors have in the past been the norm, however they are not always able to identify and reject smaller particles of metal or other foreign debris.

Why not watch the latest video on how an X-Ray inspection system could ensure rejection of any defect products in your line.

End Of line Inspection Equipment – With Vision Inspection

A normal setup on a production line would be to have the filling machine, then the packing or seal machine. Then packages at a rate of 400 units per minute will pass through the dynamic checkweigher, for example the CWE Maxx. Then after checking move on through the X-Ray inspection system, all foreign bodies rejected. This can be a Dual lane inspection system so that the production line keeps up with demand.

Then onto the Vision inspection unit, the new SealSecure Vision inspection system. Or the LabelSecure vision inspection system . Checking packages from above and below. Systems will identify leaks in packages. Broken seals and incorrect or badly positioned labels.

Avoid retail food production fines from the major supermarkets and put into place this basic high speed inspection line. Ensuring a perfect product to your customers every time.

Supplying a vast majority of the United Kingdoms retail food industry with inline inspection systems. End of line inspection equipment and dynamic checkweighers.

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Bizerba Slicer, Reducing wastage, how?

Bizerba Slicer reducing wastage. What our customers are saying about the Bizerba GSP H Slicer.

This week we’re taking a look at the Bizerba Slicer Range– and finding out what our customers have to say about this popular product:

Bizerba Slicer GSP Highline

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H (Gravity Slicer Premium High-line) is one of our most robust models and is perfect for use in long-term operation for industrial settings including food retail, butchers shops, restaurant kitchens and food service applications.

With it’s smooth surfaces and clever design, the Bizerba Slicer GSP H is very easy to clean with accessible components and we recommend Bizerba Ceraclean hygiene on all surfaces, which are 30 times more resistant to abrasion. The slicer has several removable parts which are easily taken off and cleaned thoroughly in a dishwasher.

The GSP H is a popular choice amongst our customers as it is very versatile, there are other gravity feed slicers available from Bizerba with a range of carriage options and combinations, optional extras and diverse accessories and it’s modular design means it can be used to develop a bespoke business solution, module by module.

This adaptable slicing machine is suitable for many kinds of product – from heavy pieces of meat to firm vegetables – all of which can be sliced hygienically – and without excessive waste.

Bizerba Slicer Features

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H’s large product channel easily grabs large products right through to the uppermost peel or skin.

It comes with a range of optional accessories including a vegetable chute and tomato gauge with a waste holder adaptor – which enables both soft and firm items to be processed.

The innovative design means that it is impossible for products to become lost within the slicer – either between the carriage and gauge plate, or behind the hand guard – and the adjustable product support with it’s large cleaning gap prevents deposits from gathering at either end.

It is very safe to use – with a wider rear panel and an optional start-up inhibitor – offering maximum safety for the operator.


Maximum slicing quality
Minimum product waste
Optimum feed-in of product in a wide range of product applications
Products processed gently yet efficiently
Simple to keep clean with hygienic design and robust Ceraclean surfaces
Uses very little energy


But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what these customers have to say about the GSP H Slicer.

Michael Boyle at the Wellbeck farm Shop in Worksop likes the GSP H because it is much quieter than their old slicer.

Mohammed Iashaq of the Punjab kitchen, South Shields. Likes the level of control and adjustments can apply with the GSP H:

“Fantastic precise slicer from Bizerba”

Tony Middlemiss of Middlemiss butchers in Otley recently replaced their other brand of slicer with 2 Bizerba GSP H slicers and is delighted with the results. With their old slicer they were replacing blades yearly, but the GSP H is much more robust.

David Cockett of JW Cockett, Hawes says:

“A quality robust product”

Also John, butchery manager at WM Phelps in Paisley noticed a ‘big difference in the amount of wastage’. Compared to his old (different brand) slicer – the Bizerba GSP H is much more efficient. Creating much less product waste left.

Bruce, butchery manager at Simon Howie in Perth bought a second slicer from Bizerba saying:

“It’s a huge improvement on our old slicer. With a full metal rear wall carriage as opposed to the plastic type.”

In conclusion Interested to find out more about the GSP Highline and how it can work for your business. Get in touch with our sales team and we will be happy to help.

PDF Download Bizerba Gravity Slicer GSP


Ready Meal Inspection Systems

Ready Meal Inspection Systems from Bizerba. From Dynamic checkweighers with metal detectors to vision inspection systems and x-ray food systems.  We currently supply the majority of ready meal and pre-packaged food suppliers across the world.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Checkweighers

Firstly the first line of defence will be the dynamic checkweigher checking the weight for every package. Rejecting any under or over filled packages. Allowing production to avoid costly returns. At all times ensuring that the product give away either reduced to a minimum or eliminated.

In addition dynamic checkweighers come with integrated x-ray food systems. The combination is ideal for high speed high IP protection systems. Capitalising on space where floor areas are small.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

Also consider the consequences if metal were to contaminate one package. This will initiate a recall for an entire product line. Avoid costly product recalls by installing an x-ray system. Alternatively the more cost effective solution would be to install a food metal detector. Multiple variants in the Bizerba range depending on the speed and IP protection required.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Vision

Finally, an area that is generally overlooked is the final visual check. This can now be automated with vision inspection systems. Consider the LabelSecure vision inspection system for high IP protection areas. Checking packages from above and below. Label positioning and the correct label type.

Furthermore you may require a higher speed system. Consider the SealSecure vision inspection system. Also checking above and below. Lower IP protection ready meal inspection systems. With belt speeds of over 110 meters per minute.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Software

Consider the vast array of software systems available. The Brain2 Industrial software covers everything from Formulation, Safety, Data Capture and Compliance.

Alternatively you may want a more bespoke or modular system. Consider the Food Data Capture and Modular Nucleus systems form Niche Food Systems. A part of the Bizerba group of companies.

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Food Safety

Increased food safety with our multi functional systems. Well known within the industry for our checkweigher and industrial food slicers. An area we have developed over a number of years with a huge amount of investment is food safety.

Food Safety & Inspection Systems

Labels, pack seals damaged packaging and incorrect labels or bar codes are just some of the pitfalls a producer faces whilst production is in process. Now we are in a position to eliminate some of these pitfalls. Introducing the new vision inspection system. We have recently purchased the French inspection specialist company Luceo. Who manufacture inspection vision systems. Enabling us to offer full 360 degree protection for your food manufacturing facility.

In addition to the vision inspection systems we have developed a unique range of metal detection units that eliminate to risk or any metal contaminants entering the production line. The Metal detector . A compact system that can check items up to 50 kilograms in weight. Extremely sensitive and will detect any foreign bodies within the product set with a specified criteria. Failed products, automatically pushed from the line, ensuring a perfect product.

Furthermore the most popular addition to the line in conjunction with a dynamic checkweigher is the x-ray food inspection system.

Why not watch the video.

All errors in production, foreign objects missing parts also misshaped items are quickly eliminated. High speed inspection of up to 600 items per minute.

Food Safety Protecting Your Reputation

In conclusion, we have developed a complete 360 degree solution for food production facilities globally. We strive to ensure that we supply the most innovative and safe products on the market today. Avoid product recalls and customer complaints by adding inspection systems to your line.

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Xray Food Inspection Explained

Xray Food Inspection Explained. Completely different from the medical radiation x-ray systems.

X-rays are used for many different purposes and it’s important not to confuse those used for food inspection with radioactive materials, such as uranium. Radioactive materials are physical sources of radiation, which emit radiation continuously and can’t be switched off.  By contrast, X-rays used for food inspection can be switched on and off, like light from a bulb. When the electricity supply to the X-ray system is switched off, the flow of X-rays ceases instantaneously.

In addition the amount of radiation omitted is minute, even if you stood under one of these units it would not pose any threat to health, no more x-rays are omitted compared to every day background radiation which is around us at all times.  X-Ray food systems are ideal for identifying contaminants including, bone, rubber, plastic and metals, the list is endless. Normally used with checkweighing systems offering you full control over your production line. “Checkweighing Explained

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