Checkweigher Vision Inspection

Industrial Vision Inspection from Bizerba. Consider the Vision System ThermoSecure L. Enabling you to automate visual inspection operation at the end of your production line. Not only checking package integrity but also checking labels and expiry dates.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Benefits

Detecting any drift in production quality. The industrial vision inspection system will ensure all goods are compliant before  packing onto pallets or case packaging. Preventing rework operations on defective packaging.

Additionally defective goods immediately rejected into bins and an alarm will sound to alert operators of the defective packages. Problems on the production line quickly identified and rectified immediately. As standard this machine comes as IP65 as a standard protection class. We recommend you integrate this system with a high IP protection checkweighing system.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Highlights

Furthermore the ThermoSecure L checks seals and labelling simultaneously. Guaranteeing the correct packaging has been used for the product. Automatically sorting any products and directing them appropriately. Full trace ability on the production line and goods on the line.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Alternative

Alternatively if you are looking for a slightly faster vision inspection system but do not require such a high standard of protection, consider the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. Also checking packages from above and below at speeds of up to 200 packages per minute. The standard IP protection on this system is IP54 for the control cabinet.

Also the inspection systems can be set up and tailored to your specific requirements. We have multiple software packages and solutions that will enable you to integrate one or all of your systems offering you complete food trace ability.

Finally integrated on the line with a metal detector or x-ray food system the industrial vision inspections system will give you not only complete transparency on the line but a guarantee against any product recalls due to external contamination.

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