Semi Automatic Slicers

Firstly our Semi Automatic Slicers or premium vertical slicer. Cutting and slicing without having the need to touch the product. The perfectly hygienic meat slicer

Semi Automatic Slicers – Highlights

Also vertical slicers set this way enabling viewing of the cut products. Ultimately allowing you to view the finished product and presentation without having to touch it. Built with an automatic deposit system. Laying out the items perfectly for any presentation or packing. Multiple slice presentations are also available at a touch of a button.

Also consider the Semi automatic slicer VS12 D Perfect for hygienic slicing and presentation for all catering tasks.

Semi Automatic Slicers VS12D
Semi Automatic Slicers VS12 D

Secondly our most popular semi automatic and full automatic slicer is the Automatic vertical slicer A400 openworld.  Considering they are popular with large kitchens and food counters. Also easily sustaining high output without compromising on presentation, hygiene or safety.

Semi automatic slicer A400
Semi automatic slicer A400

In Addition some of the highlights of the system are as follows.

  • Article memory for managed production control, with automated slice thickness adjustment.
  • High slicing performance without compromising on quality.
  • Adding Easy cleaning and maintenance due to ergonomic design with Ceraclean.
  • Including Removable functions and plates.
  • Always utilising maximum safety procedures for staff operating the system.

Semi Automatic Slicers – Areas of Use

Also you can use the semi automatic slicers in many retail food environments to include but not limited to consider the following.

  • Butchers shops.
  • Delicatessen Counters.
  • Supermarket meat Counters.
  • Cheese Counters.
  • All cold cut operations.
  • Light food production facilities.
  • Bakeries. See also Commercial Bread Slicers.
  • Farmers Markets or Food Markets.

In conclusion, Bizerba Slicer reducing wastage and improving efficiency in your retail and industrial business.

Finally, for more information on the Semi Automatic slicers, or would you like a free site survey contact Bizerba today. Alternatively you can call us to book an appointment to view the range at our show room.