Food Inspection Systems USA

Food Inspection Systems USA from Bizerba. Three main areas that need to be inspected on a food manufacturing product line are as follows. Metal Detection. X-Ray Food Inspection and Vision inspection. Also used inline with one or all three of these systems you will need to use a dynamic checkweigher to ensure that you avoid any costly product recalls.

Food Inspection Systems USA – Metal Detectors

Consider inspecting goods of up to 50 Kilograms. Any packages containing metal will be automatically rejected with pushers into bin of required. This may also incorporate an optional separating system to send the goods in alternative directions when required. The system easily detects small amounts of ferrous and non ferrous metals in the food, packaged or unpack aged. Extremely sensitive where required, easily programmed. Also these devices conform with BRC, IFS and HACCP guidelines Integrated models are available for the Bizerba checkweiging systems and labellers including the GLM-Ievo series with C-Wrap labelling is available.

Food Inspection Systems USA – X-Ray Food

Alternatively you may want to scan for a wide variety of alternative possible contaminants that may get into the production line. It maybe bone, glass, metal, plastic, rubber the list is endless. The X-Ray food systems from Bizerba are equally as sensitive with the added advantage of being able to detect the finest changes within a package. These systems will even be able to scan the contents and the density to ensure if it is meeting the criteria you have set up on the machine. Again all packages that fall outside your set criteria will automatically be rejected with pushers into a bin where required.

Food Inspection Systems USA – Vision Inspection

Finally vision inspection systems from Bizerba are in a class of their own, checking packages from above and below. the two main variants in the range are the Vision systems SealSecure and the LabelSecure vision system depending on the speed or rate of packages that need inspecting and also considering the IP protection required we have a vision inspection to suit your industrial food manufacturing and food packaging operations. The systems check the labels including the type and the dates on the labels including package type. Also included in the vision inspection is the seal integrity check, ensuring there are no leakages or incomplete seals on every package. Each scanned item has a digital imaged saved and archived for future reference.

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Product Inspection Checkweighing

Product Inspection Checkweighing from Bizerba. German technology, built to last. Rely on the very best in industrial food production systems. All of the product inspection systems are easily integrated with existing lines and can be combined with any type of inspection system. Used with the leading industrial software BRAIN2 you can be assured of a smooth running operation with complete food traceability.

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Variants

One of the most popular combinations is the CWFmaxx in combination with a metal detector. Product inspection checkweighing could not be easier with this complete inspection system.  Completely compliant with HACCP, IFS and BRC Food standards. All out of tolerance or inferior products quickly rejected automatically. IP65 protection with an open and robust design, lends itself to the fresh food area for the production of.

  • Frozen products
  • Instant meals
  • Meat and Sausage products
  • Dairy products

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Highlights

  • Hygienically exemplary design in Stainless Steel
  • 100% fill quantity control
  • Detection of foreign bodies such as metallic objects
  • Belt speeds of up to 170 m/min
  • Legal for trade and approved in accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • 12″ colour touch screen
  • Backup, view and evaluate data with Bizerba software _statistics.BRAIN
  • Belt unit and quick-change belt system

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Alternative Combinations

Furthermore in conjunction with the checkweigher and metal detector additional inspection systems can be added where required. X-Ray Food inspection systems and vision inspection systems will give you an infallible system. Each stage any packages or goods that do not meet the set criteria immediately automatically rejected. Continued rejections halt the line until the problems can be resolved and investigated manually.

Future proof your food production facility by incorporating product inspection checkweighing in conjunction with the Bizerba industry leading software BRAIN. Be sure that you have put everything in place to avoid those costly product recalls. For more information on the Bizerba products and service contact us today. We offer free site surveys, advice and consultation visits.