Industrial Meat Slicers

Introducing Industrial Meat Slicers from Bizerba. The most popular solution would be the vertical slicer A400. Offering one of the most flexible solutions on the market today. Ideal for food retailing or large commercial kitchens. This machine used inline to any network of machines with industrial production and packaging.

Industrial Meat Slicers – Areas of Use.

Consequently generally used for small production lines with packaging machines. Small quantities where space is at a premium the vertical slicer A400 is the perfect solution.

Also if you require a much higher output with IPX5 protection then look no further than the industrial slicer Scaleroline A550. Also offers decorative slice positioning at precise weights. Over weight target portions reduced by up to 15%. Each slice is weighed during the slicing process giving you complete control over the accuracy.

Industrial Meat Slicers – Latest Video

Furthermore this industrial food slicer is compact, using very little floor space which lends it’s self to small or tight areas. Fanning stacking and slicing. Sausages, cheeses or any meats even frozen produce.

Also perfectly integrates into production lines and easy to use and easy to clean. High IPX5 Protection level allows for a completely hygienic system, easily maintained in wet areas.

In addition this impressive machine will slice 250 times per minute, that’s 15000 slicers per hour. From 0.5 millimetre thickness to 50 millimetre thickness. Creating stacks up to 60 millimetres in height.

Also built into the system is the standard universal blade with an integrated sharpening programme. Eliminating the risks of having to remove blades the system will automatically sharpen it’s own blade internally. Reducing machine down time and eliminating accidents.

Finally depending on the production environment flexibility enables easy movement from one line to another. This is easily achieved as the unit, set on casters and effortlessly moved to alternative locations within the plant.

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