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Slicing Energy Bizerba technology – time to shut down the power-guzzlers

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Slicing machines that keep running throughout the day and energy-intensive PC scales and checkweighers.  That are not shut down overnight are no rare thing in the retail trade. At a time when everybody is trying to rein in electricity consumption and make financial savings. This makes no economic sense. In the long term, investments in energy-efficient retail solutions can be as worthwhile as the construction of low-energy buildings or the use of solar power.

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PC-based scale systems require a certain amount of time to start up and shut down. Since this phase takes too long in the eyes of some employees. Industrial scales often remain switched on overnight. A problem that can easily be solved on the IT side. Wake-on-LAN, a network-based, time-controlled on-and-off function from Bizerba. Automatically shuts down the scales in the evening and starts them up the following morning shortly before work begins. The timer can conveniently be set from the company headquarters. If maintenance or updates are due at night, the machines can be activated from hibernation by the function for the duration of the operation.

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What’s more, PC scales now use flash-based SSD hard disks instead of power-guzzling mechanical hard disks. They are more robust, start up more quickly and consume less energy. Furthermore, LED background lighting in screens is increasingly taking the place of CCFL technologies, which consume a lot of power.

There is further potential for energy saving in converting devises to alternating current, without having to accept a loss of performance here. Modern slicing machines intelligently adapt their engine performance to the product being sliced.  Where the product is hard the performance is scaled up, whilst an easily-sliced product requires less engine power. The full torque is not required and the energy consumption remains low.

Many machines are running idle most of the day, yet consume energy at a rate of 100 percent, regardless of whether they are slicing or not. Current Bizerba devices require around 45 percent less energy than conventional machines. In addition, they barely give off any heat, so the food in the storage area does not heat up as much and stays fresh for longer.

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