Automatic slicers

The Bizerba range of Automatic slicers are designed specifically for accurate slice thickness and presentation of your protein or dairy products.

Hygienically and practically designed to meet the most demanding of production environments, reducing giveaway and removing the need for manual slicing in the process.

A400 openWorld – Stacking/ Shingling of product up to 55 per minute with accurate slice thickness and perfect presentation to an out feed conveyor. Transitioning product from the blade to the production line for further process into Sandwiches/ Paninis or any product containing sliced fillings.

Automatic slicers – Area of Use

Due to our openWorld maxim the A400 is ideal for line solutions with packaging machines or for smaller production quantities in areas where equipment footprint is a key factor.

Due to the ability to transport 5 portions on the out-feed belt it is perfectly suitable for manual processing of sliced and ready-made portions directly into the area of Sandwich production.

Automatic slicers – Highlights

Cost saving thanks to fully automatic slicing and packaging – staff can work on other tasks while the automatic slicers process is automatically carried out. Product processed more hygienically thereby staying fresh longer – no direct contact of sliced portions by operating personnel.

Flexibility with changing requirements – A400 openWorld operated as stand-alone machine.

Scaleroline A550/ A650 – Automatic slicers

Scaleroline A550 offers highest flexibility and efficiency as well as decorative slice depositing and portioning to precise weights of any product.

Product remnants are minimised and overweight in target weight portions. Reduced by up to 15% – for uniform as well as for non-uniform products.

This is possible thanks to the unique weighing process during slicing, target weight for the portion saved by product type. The A550 adjusts slice thickness to suit for products with a graduated diameter.

Area of Use:
For industrial food slicers manage throughput where numerous different products easily sliced. Flexible and easy product change when required.
Due to its minimal space requirement and mobility the automatic slicers Scaleroline can be placed virtually anywhere.

Slicing, fanning or stacking of almost any kind of sausage meats usually without having to pre-frost. and cheeses – and
Compact construction, ideal for use in smaller rooms and relocation in wet area’s for cleaning purposes.

Particularly easy, ergonomic and safe handling during production and cleaning; quickly available with flexible locations.
Perfect target weight control with tendency control for exact number of slices. _statistics.BRAIN allows easy reporting of production parameters and line performance.

Finally the automatic product holder permits the simple fixation of products. With a length of up to 900 mm without any exertion – the advantage: reduced setup times.

Slice throughput:
A400 – up to 55 Slices/Minute
A550 – up to 250 Slices/Minute
A650 – up to 300 Slices/Minute

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Industrial Food Slicers

Commercial slicers or industrial food slicers, we offer a complete range to suit all food production and food service industries. Manual vertical slicers primarily used in butchers and on deli counters. Manual gravity slicers offer the flexibility and conform to the strictest international weighing and slicing standards.

Industrial Food Slicers with Integrated Weighing

Highlighting one of our most popular products in this category is the Scaleroline A550 fully automatic food slicer. Extremely flexible and can perform a number of tasks. Whilst always weighing the portions exactly as specified. Reducing waste and enhancing the presentation without any external interference.

Watch the latest video of the Scareroline A550. The most popular industrial food slicers.

In comparison, on the other end of the scale we produce manual vertical slicers that are ideal for small kitchens, butchers and deli counters. Slicers can also be used on a sales counter. All automatic vertical slicers come with a Ceraclean surface for added hygiene.

Furthermore all industrial food slicers or Automatic vertical slicers are the ideal solution for butchers shops. The flexible and reliable slicer that incorporates a scale to reduce wastage control portions and present the product perfectly.

Also to compliment the slicing range. We have developed a range of commercial bread slicers for supermarkets and retail environments.

The universal bread slicer Agiloline B100. Commercial bread slicers to be used back of the store or can be set up as a self service system.

Furthermore using the latest technologies and oil free operation and slicing keeping each slice completely hygienic. Flexible slice thickness easily adjusted to suit.

Finally to compliment the range of slicers for the butchery industry we have also developed a range of complimentary products to include. Mincers, meat and bone saws steaker and strip cutters.

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Delicatessen Meat Slicer

Bizerba delicatessen meat slicer or food slicer. Ideal for all types of cooked and uncooked meats. All Bizerba slicers come with Ceraclean, the perfect cutting surface, easily cleaned and maintained.

Delicatessen Meat Slicer – Bizerba GSP H

One of our most popular meat slicers is the hygienic manual gravity feed slicer GSP H. Due to the ergonomic design and Ceraclean cutting surface it will handle almost any cuts with ease. The perfect all rounder cutting machine, you will only need one delicatessen meat slicer.

The latest video showcasing one of our most popular slicers for delicatessens,, kitchens and sales counters.

In addition you may also need some trade approved scales to work in conjunction with your delicatessen meat slicer. Bizerba introduces the GSP H slicer with integrated retail scales K-Class Flex. The perfect combination for any sales counter.

Also the weight and the price displayed in real time. No longer do staff have to move between slicer and scales. Enabling seamless customer interactions and clarity.

Another added feature is in the name, the flexibility of the system. Saving space on the sales counter the system design totally integrated. Trade approved retail scales combined with a powerful meat cutting machine.

Additionally there is also a screen for the customers where you can advertise special offers, news and adverts to enable you to up sell and cross sell alternative products.

Also consider the hygiene of the system. No tools are needed when removing the components. Whist removing parts from the system the blade is covered at all times. Ensuring a safe operation at all times.

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Industrial Meat Slicers

Introducing Industrial Meat Slicers from Bizerba. The most popular solution would be the vertical slicer A400. Offering one of the most flexible solutions on the market today. Ideal for food retailing or large commercial kitchens. This machine used inline to any network of machines with industrial production and packaging.

Industrial Meat Slicers – Areas of Use.

Consequently generally used for small production lines with packaging machines. Small quantities where space is at a premium the vertical slicer A400 is the perfect solution.

Also if you require a much higher output with IPX5 protection then look no further than the industrial slicer Scaleroline A550. Also offers decorative slice positioning at precise weights. Over weight target portions reduced by up to 15%. Each slice is weighed during the slicing process giving you complete control over the accuracy.

Industrial Meat Slicers – Latest Video

Furthermore this industrial food slicer is compact, using very little floor space which lends it’s self to small or tight areas. Fanning stacking and slicing. Sausages, cheeses or any meats even frozen produce.

Also perfectly integrates into production lines and easy to use and easy to clean. High IPX5 Protection level allows for a completely hygienic system, easily maintained in wet areas.

In addition this impressive machine will slice 250 times per minute, that’s 15000 slicers per hour. From 0.5 millimetre thickness to 50 millimetre thickness. Creating stacks up to 60 millimetres in height.

Also built into the system is the standard universal blade with an integrated sharpening programme. Eliminating the risks of having to remove blades the system will automatically sharpen it’s own blade internally. Reducing machine down time and eliminating accidents.

Finally depending on the production environment flexibility enables easy movement from one line to another. This is easily achieved as the unit, set on casters and effortlessly moved to alternative locations within the plant.

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Cooked Meat Slicer

Cooked Meat Slicer from Bizerba. Built with efficiency and safety in mind. Consider one of the very best meat slicers on the market today. In stock, next day delivery.

The most popular cooked meat slicer is the GSP H manual gravity feed slicer. This premium meat slicer sets the global standard for hygiene, efficiency and safety.

Cooked Meat Slicer – GSP H Features

Due to the inclined carriage and ergonomic design. Effortless slicing through gravity. Heavier products will not create any problems at all. The unique powerful blade drive system only uses the power required to slice each cut. Thus saving you further on energy costs. Why not watch the latest video on the GSP H.

Cooked Meat Slicer – Highlights

  • The right carriage version for any application
  • Drain on the slicing system and drain protection of liquids for a clean work station
  • Optional hygienic Ceraclean® surface
  • Optional energy and safety package allows automatic blade start/stop via slice thickness adjustment and vizualisation

Cooked Meat Slicer – High Capacity

In addition if you are looking for a high capacity cooked meat slicer. Then consider the automatic vertical slicer A400.  High capacity flexible solution for butchers shops and delicatessens. All slicing tasks are reproduced perfectly every time ready for packing. Consistent products every time. The high speed cooked meat slicer.


  • Carriage versions for different product lengths and re-clamping option
  • Inter leaver connection (dispenser for interleaving paper or film)
  • Stand with quick lift function for secure standing and easy transport of the A400

Finally for more information on the Bizerba slicers we have a dedicated page for the entire portfolio. The range includes retail and industrial meat slicers that can cope with some of the highest demands in the industry today.

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Cooked Meat Slicers

Firstly introducing cooked Meat Slicers from Bizerba.

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One of the most popular meat slicers are the gravity feed slicers. Ideal for delicatessens, service counters and busy kitchens. Consider the Automatic slicer GSP. Ideally suited to all manual meat cutting tasks. Due to its inclined carriage.

Furthermore due to the Ceraclean® The Essence of Purity surface the cutting motion is extremely easy. An added layer of hygiene and an extremely sharp but resilient cutting surface. Enabling you to easily cut through any cooked meats.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Options

  • Hollow-ground blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Hollow-ground blade, Ceraclean®.
  • Cheese blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Blade covers, open or closed.
  • Remnant holder plates, with spikes or smooth.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Rubber bars or feet.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Alternative Models

Alternatively go here to view the entire range of Bizerba Slicers. We will cover a few more models in this Bizerba Blog. The next most popular models are the automatic gravity feed slicers.

Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed
Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed

In addition these slicers are the most premium quality units on the market today. Also available with Ceraclean®. Full servo support is available when cutting heavy products. The slicer can also be used in Manual mode or Semi automatic mode. Depending on the users requirements.

Also included within this unit is the Energy Efficient Cutting – Emotion. Saving valuable money when the unit is not in use. Adjusting the power output depending on the weight and the strain on the blade.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Further Options

  • Extra blade versions for various products.
  • Blade covers for different product dimensions.
  • Carriage version adjusted to the product with product clamping, product holder and special product clamping devices such as product fences for tomatoes and salads.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Installation with closed frame or on feet, optionally with lifting device.
  • Includes static portion scale.

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Meat Slicer Design

Meat Slicer design to help reduce the risk of illness from food borne pathogens

Considering a 2015 study by Purdue University suggests standard cleaning procedures don’t sufficiently eliminate the potentially deadly bacteria Listeria. Researchers found a disturbing 9.5% of the samples taken from retail delis contaminated with Listeria.  Samples were from floors, drains, all contact points.

Deli meats have long been associated with Listeria. While it is estimated to infect about 1600 people a year, it is fatal to 260 of them, making it the deadliest of food borne pathogens. The elderly, pregnant women, young children, immune compromised are most susceptible.

Additionally there are about 50,000 reported cases / year of illness caused by Salmonella. The CDC estimates there are a staggering 2 – 4 million cases of Salmonellae / year in the USA when unreported cases are factored in. Of 1000 people infected, 220 will require hospitalization and 8 will die.

In recent years there have been two prominent Salmonella outbreaks linked to a deli slicer. In one case, the bacteria thrived behind a thumb guard and contaminated the sliced product. This was a design deficiency that relied on a silicone seal that failed with routine cleaning.

A 2010 outbreak in Rhode Island was ultimately traced back to a slicer. At some point, contaminated tomatoes were prepared in the machine leaving behind debris in hard to clean areas. According to the RI Department of Health, of all infections connected to deli meats, as much as 80% have come from meats sliced at retail groceries.

Meat Slicer Design – Key Points

Also it is reasonable to anticipate food debris collecting on the slicer. The FDA requires the slicers to be cleaned every 4 hours. Designing a slicer that has no gaps, recesses, seams, potential harborage points, silicone seals, is essential to protect the consumer as well as the owner. NSF ANSI 8 is a minimum standard. Bizerba exceeds the minimum, providing the highest hygiene protection available in the world.

Construction details of the slicer are the first line of defence against illness from food borne pathogens.

Meat Slicer Design – Solutions

Furthermore we use a one piece extruded carriage plate. The thumb guard is attached by stir friction welding. This eliminates the possibility of porosity. This is an expensive process but most effective. Other manufacturers bolt the thumb guard to the carriage creating a seam.  Cross contamination risk is enhanced.The Bizerba slice thickness knob is flush mounted with the additional protection of a UL 157 seal. The other manufacturers recess their knob into the housing creating a hard too clean cavity. The slice thickness knob is touched hundreds of times a day. Cross contamination is inevitable.

Also the gauge plate is in constant contact with the product. Bizerba uses a one piece extruded aluminium gauge plate for optimal protection. Bolt-on, 2 piece assemblies have inherent contamination risks both immediate and long term. Bizerba completely seals the blade to the machine housing with a UL 157 seal. No gaps in this high contact area.

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Preventing Injuries Deli Meat Slicers

Preventing injuries deli meat slicers from Bizerba. OSHA identifies improper operation and cleaning as the top causes of cuts and amputations with meat slicers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the rate of injuries with days away from work from cuts, lacerations and punctures are 9.6 cases per 10k full time workers in the Retail Industry. This represents 9% of the total injuries. These numbers do not include amputations.

Preventing Injuries Deli Meat Slicers – Development

The Retail and Food Service industries have developed Best Practices to reduce the incidence of the injuries. While the number of injuries has declined over the last few years, workers compensation and lost productivity are measured in the tens of millions of dollars.

In an effort to help reduce these types of injuries, enabling preventing injuries deli meat slicers.  Bizerba, the leader in food slicing innovation, has developed an Optical Slicer Status Indicator. Using the latest LED technology, operators and managers can immediately see that the slicer is in a Safe Mode – blade edge covered, or in a high risk situation – unattended slicer with the blade exposed.

In addition to the visual safety system, every Bizerba Deli Meat Slicer is built with multiple efficient safety systems which enable all removable parts that are dishwasher safe and can be remounted in a flash. Prevent injuries increase efficiency and reduce costs with a Bizerba Meat Slicer.

Preventing Injuries with Deli Meat Slicers

Preventing injuries deli meat slicers – Visual Guide

This optical safety system improves the overall safety of the slicer and increases the attention of the operator. In the noisy and often chaotic Deli, restaurant and prep rooms, the Optical Slicer Status Indicator alerts everyone.

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