Industrial Vision Systems

Industrial Vision Systems from Bizerba. Normally used with in-line checkweighers. The vision inspection systems, the perfect solution for high speed lines and food traceability when required.

Industrial Vision Systems – Uses

At the end of the line after packing. Checkweighing, metal detectors or X-Ray food systems. The industrial vision systems check the seams of the packs. The label position, correct labels applied and that the expiry dates are within the set parameters.

Bizerba labels, bar coded on the rear. Enabling the system to automatically identify and set up the label parameters. Easy set up and the system alerts the users audibly when incorrectly used. Automatically setting up the label position text and information.

Each package checked automatically recorded and stored with the industrial vision systems. Any packages that have incorrect labels, packaging, twisted or badly applied labels will be rejected with pushers. Or alternatively sent down another path or line for adjustment.

Industrial Vision Systems – Highlights

  • Synchronous package vision inspection by means of two cameras. Above and below.
  • Parallel view of top and bottom images (individual display option).
  • Manual and remote image review possible.
  • Reading of texts (e.g. sell-by date).
  • Belt speeds of up to 110 meters per minute are possible.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy “teaching” of package criteria.
  • Seamless integration with Bizerba weigh price labeller. Or 3rd party systems
  • Data management via the industrial software _dataMaintenance.BRAIN.
  • Creation of detailed reports in _statistics.BRAIN , BRAIN2 Capture or other statistics programs.
  • Password protected for user management.

Industrial Vision Systems – Variants

Finally the two main systems we supply are the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system and the ThermoSecure L inspection by Vision. Both check packages from above and below. Easily integrated into existing lines and come with differing IP protection levels depending on your requirements.

In conclusion whatever your inspection needs. Contact Bizerba for more information or a discussion on our products and services.


Checkweighers Metal Detectors

Checkweighers metal detectors from Bizerba. German technology at its very best. Transform your dynamic checkweigher into a complete inspection or detection system. All the checkweighing systems in the range can easily be integrated with Metal Detectors, X-Ray Food systems and vision inspection systems. Consider the CWFmaxx with a built in VARICON metal detector.

Checkweighers Metal Detectors – Highlights

  • Hygienically exemplary design in s/s.
  • 100% fill quantity control.
  • Detection of foreign bodies such as metallic objects.
  • Belt speeds of up to 170 m/min.
  • Legal for trade and approved in accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID).
  • 12″ colour touch screen.
  • Backup, view and evaluate data with Bizerba software _statistics.BRAIN.
  • Belt unit and quick-change belt system.

The dynamic checkweigher and metal detector combination systems now available with the CWDmaxx and the CWEmaxx, depending on the output required and the IP protection that maybe needed.

Checkweighers Metal Detectors – Areas Of Use

With IP65 protection and its open and robust s/s design the combination checker CWEmaxx is ideally suitable for use in the fresh-food area and in production.

An IP54 variant is available for use in dry areas or non-food applications.

The CWEmaxx is of particular interest for manufacturers of the following.

  • Frozen products.
  • Instant meals.
  • Meat and sausage products.
  • Dairy products.
  • Non-food products.

Checkweighers with metal detectors can also be used with inline vision inspection systems and X-ray food systems. Avoid product recalls and increase productivity, we offer free site surveys and no obligation consultation visits.

All the systems will integrate with 3rd party hardware and software.  For more information on checkweighers metal detectors or any industrial food production machines then contact Bizerba today. Alternatively you can by appointment visit us at our showroom. We can set up the systems that are appropriate to your business and we will be happy to give you a hands on demonstration.


Inspection Vision System

Inspection Vision System from Bizerba. Checking packages from below and above. Every aspect of the products that are checked by differing layers of vision. Checking Seals, Labels and package integrity.

Inspection Vision System – Features

The BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system boasts checking and recording speeds of up to 200 packages per minute. Checking the products for everything from broken seals to damaged labels.

Normally used with precision checkweighing solutions which offer a critical layer of inspection to the production line. Rejecting any over weight or under weight packages. At all times the system is recording all the data. Excessive rejections will halt the line so that a physical check can me made by an operator.

Inspection Vision System – Highlights

Two cameras work in sync to enable maximum surface checking on every item. Offering a parallel view of the top and bottom of the packages on two separate displays at the same time. At all times the system is recording the images you may also manually view the recorded images at any time. Access to the images and reporting can also be done remotely off site.

Cameras read the text, identify the label type the bar code and will automatically reject any packages that do not meet the set criteria. The impressive belt speeds of over 110 meters per minute. Equating to over two hundred packages per minute.

Integration into existing systems is seamless. You can use third party equipment with this system. We supply weigh price labelling systems  that work in sync across the entire industrial range.

Full reporting is possible with the Bizerba statistical reporting software. Inspection vision systems from Bizerba guarantee no defective products at the end of the line.

We offer free site surveys and consultation visits to all industrial areas that may require inspection or checkweigher solutions. Contact Bizerba today to book a no obligation appointment to discuss your requirements.


Industrial Vision Inspection

Industrial Vision Inspection from Bizerba. Consider the Vision System ThermoSecure L. Enabling you to automate visual inspection operation at the end of your production line. Not only checking package integrity but also checking labels and expiry dates.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Benefits

Detecting any drift in production quality. The industrial vision inspection system will ensure all goods are compliant before  packing onto pallets or case packaging. Preventing rework operations on defective packaging.

Additionally defective goods immediately rejected into bins and an alarm will sound to alert operators of the defective packages. Problems on the production line quickly identified and rectified immediately. As standard this machine comes as IP65 as a standard protection class. We recommend you integrate this system with a high IP protection checkweighing system.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Highlights

Furthermore the ThermoSecure L checks seals and labelling simultaneously. Guaranteeing the correct packaging has been used for the product. Automatically sorting any products and directing them appropriately. Full trace ability on the production line and goods on the line.

Industrial Vision Inspection – Alternative

Alternatively if you are looking for a slightly faster vision inspection system but do not require such a high standard of protection, consider the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. Also checking packages from above and below at speeds of up to 200 packages per minute. The standard IP protection on this system is IP54 for the control cabinet.

Also the inspection systems can be set up and tailored to your specific requirements. We have multiple software packages and solutions that will enable you to integrate one or all of your systems offering you complete food trace ability.

Finally integrated on the line with a metal detector or x-ray food system the industrial vision inspections system will give you not only complete transparency on the line but a guarantee against any product recalls due to external contamination.

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Ready Meal Food Inspection

If you are looking for ready meal food inspection then Bizerba will have a solution for you. Not only checking weight. We have systems that checks inside and out side of the packages including the label positioning and expiry dates.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Checkweighers

Firstly consider a dynamic checkweigher on the production line. Checkweighing systems ensure that every package weighed accurately before leaving the line. Any packages that fail removed with pushers automatically.

Considering the environment and the speed in which is required to check the packages. We have three main variants which would be tailored to your individual business requirements.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – X-Ray Inspection

Secondly you may need to check the inside of the packages leaving the checkweigher.  The most common system for this operation is the X-Ray food inspection system. In the past a metal detector or metal inspection system would have sufficed. However due to the varied amounts of alternative contaminants that can now enter packages most supermarket chains or buyers will now require this extra level of security and food traceability.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Vision Inspection

Thirdly the new requirement now calls for automated vision inspection systems. Not only checking the package integrity from above and below. The vision inspection systems from Bizerba  check the correct packaging, utilised at all times. The correct labels and the label positioning is also used. It will also record digitally every package that leaves the production line for any future recalls.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Software

Finally after years of development the Bizerba software systems are second to none. We have food traceability and food data capture systems that will communicate with the entire production line. From goods in to goods out with any manufactures equipment we can tailor the systems to your requirements. Alternatively you may want to consider our Modular system portfolio of food software solutions from Niche Food Systems. A part of Bizerba.

Contact us today for a free site survey or consultation visit to discuss any ready meal food inspection system solutions you may require.


Product Inspection Checkweighing

Product Inspection Checkweighing from Bizerba. German technology, built to last. Rely on the very best in industrial food production systems. All of the product inspection systems are easily integrated with existing lines and can be combined with any type of inspection system. Used with the leading industrial software BRAIN2 you can be assured of a smooth running operation with complete food traceability.

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Variants

One of the most popular combinations is the CWFmaxx in combination with a metal detector. Product inspection checkweighing could not be easier with this complete inspection system.  Completely compliant with HACCP, IFS and BRC Food standards. All out of tolerance or inferior products quickly rejected automatically. IP65 protection with an open and robust design, lends itself to the fresh food area for the production of.

  • Frozen products
  • Instant meals
  • Meat and Sausage products
  • Dairy products

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Highlights

  • Hygienically exemplary design in Stainless Steel
  • 100% fill quantity control
  • Detection of foreign bodies such as metallic objects
  • Belt speeds of up to 170 m/min
  • Legal for trade and approved in accordance with Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
  • 12″ colour touch screen
  • Backup, view and evaluate data with Bizerba software _statistics.BRAIN
  • Belt unit and quick-change belt system

Product Inspection Checkweighing – Alternative Combinations

Furthermore in conjunction with the checkweigher and metal detector additional inspection systems can be added where required. X-Ray Food inspection systems and vision inspection systems will give you an infallible system. Each stage any packages or goods that do not meet the set criteria immediately automatically rejected. Continued rejections halt the line until the problems can be resolved and investigated manually.

Future proof your food production facility by incorporating product inspection checkweighing in conjunction with the Bizerba industry leading software BRAIN. Be sure that you have put everything in place to avoid those costly product recalls. For more information on the Bizerba products and service contact us today. We offer free site surveys, advice and consultation visits.


Inline Product Inspection Systems

Inline Product Inspection Systems from Bizerba. The three main types of inspection systems are as follows. Metal Detectors, Vision Inspection systems and X-Ray inspection systems. All of which can easily be integrated with industrial checkweighing systems. Currently the most popular combination would be X-Ray inspection followed by vision inspection. The advantages over metal detectors is X-Ray food inspection systems will not only identify metal but an endless list of potential contaminants including, glass, bone, rubber. X-Ray Food systems will even check that the density meets the requirement that you have set up on the system.

To accompany the X-Ray food system the second stage is the vision inspection system. These machines not only check the integrity of the package additionally checks the seals of the package, the correct package has been used. The correct labels have been used and will also check the expiry or used by dates and product descriptions. Any packages that fall outside this criteria will be rejected immediately.

Inline Product Inspection Systems – With Vision

Also consider the newest vision inspection system in the Bizerba portfolio is the ThermoSecure L. This system can be used as a stand alone unit to check packages from above and below. High IP protection lends this system to wet areas or exposed food products, adding the extra layer of protection you may require. We recommend you use an inline checkweigher with  vision inspection systems.

Inline Product Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

Furthermore metal detection inspection systems are still extremely popular, they are able to detect minute and even trace amounts of metal contaminants well below the recommended industry standards. At times where sensitive products such as baby food or medical items need to be 100% contaminant free. All three systems situated or placed inline. With an inline checkweigher for added verification.

Finally if you are looking for inline product inspection systems contact Bizerba today for a free site survey or consultation visit.