Production Line Inspection Equipment

Production Line Inspection Equipment checking every step of the way. From formulation to packing and dispatch. Normally used after filling, the products will go through a number of checks to guarantee delivery of perfect goods every time.

Production Line Inspection Equipment – Checkweighers

Initially after filling, the products will pass through a dynamic checkweigher, this will automatically detect and reject over filled or under filled packages. Too many over fills can greatly effect profit margins, too many under fills and you risk falling fowl to retail fines.

Production Line Inspection Equipment - Checkweighers
Production Line Inspection Equipment – Checkweighers

Production Line Inspection Equipment – Metal Detectors

A metal inspection system is common place on food production lines. Identifying any product that has been exposed to the elements and any metal contaminated products rejected. However due to some complex packaging and extremely high standards set by the UK retail food industry,  X-Ray Food inspection systems are now the preferred inspection system at this point in the production line.

Production Line Inspection Equipment - Metal Detectors
Production Line Inspection Equipment – Metal Detectors

Production Line Inspection Equipment – X-Ray

X-Ray food inspection normally comes after the checkweigher and will check items that fail between set criteria. These systems will not miss anything, set to your personal requirements it will detect all foreign objects within a package, Metal, plastic, rubber it will even check that the density and consistency of the product conforms to the set criteria.

Production Line Inspection Equipment - X-Ray
Production Line Inspection Equipment – X-Ray
Production Line Inspection Equipment – Vision Inspection

The final check at the end of the production line. A new product in the Bizerba portfolio are the vision inspection machines. Thermo inspection system not only check seal edges and the integrity of the seal. It can identify broken seals and reject any packages that may have been compromised.

Furthermore an additional feature of the SealSecure vision inspection system is that it will as follows.  Identify any products with incorrect labels, Incorrect sell by dates and bar codes. It will even reject damaged or inferior labels from passing into the packing area.

Production Line Inspection Equipment - Vision Inspection
Production Line Inspection Equipment – Vision Inspection

Also at the end of the line you may also want to look at setting up a platform scale. This will enable you to pack without having to count. When the exact weight for a set amount of product is reached, the load cell will indicate to the line. Enabling a seamless operation for filling to packing. Alternatively consider the Bizerba LabelSecure inspection system.

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Machine Vision Inspection System

Machine Vision Inspection System from Bizerba. We have a variety of inspection systems that integrate seamlessly with Dynamic Checkweighers and X-Ray food inspection machines. Consider the Bizerba LabelSecure vision inspection system.

Checking label position and texts. Seamlessly integrates into conveyor lines from filling to inspection. Used with Dynamic Checkweighers such as the CWEMaxx standard checkweigher.

The systems also detect bar codes, sell by dates and QR code information for food traceability. Normally used in high output production areas within the food industry, there are also many sectors that also use this system is completely flexible to any industry.

Machine Vision Inspection System with X-Ray

Combined with an X-Ray Food system. the added layer of protection with an inline checkweigher will make it near impossible for you to miss any inferior or contaminated products protecting your brand and your customers

Consider the X-Ray Food product inspection system XRE_2. Detecting foreign objects and the density in packaged goods. These systems detect metal, glass, rubber, plastics and anything more dense than the set criteria. Even small stones and and bones can be detected. An added layer above and beyond a stand metal detector.

Our latest video on the X-Ray XRE 2

Machine Vision Inspection System – Alternatives

Alternatively if you are looking for a different system you may want to consider the vision system SealSecure. This system inspects labels, bar codes, sell by dates the units even check the seal integrity.

Checking the sealed food packages to ensure that there are no leaks or the seal is complete. All defective packages are rejected with pushers and each package is recorded by photograph for immediate viewing or they are archived automatically.

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Checkweighing explained

Checkweighing explained, a brief explanation on checkweighing, uses and how they improve process’s.

The automated Measuring instrument which determines the mass of a package or product, usually as it travels along a conveyor that incorporates a weighing device. The mass of each item is recorded and any that fall outside preset values are rejected automatically.

Bizerba precision checkweighers set the highest standards with regard accuracy and reliability. Multiple variants are available offering different protection types, which include wet cleaning or high IP protection systems ideally used for fresh food.  Additionally the systems can be used in combination with inspection systems such as X-ray food systems or metal detection units.

Powered by the powerful BRAIN Software the checkweigher now offers complete food traceability for your food production facility.

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Checkweighing Systems USA

Are you looking for the best checkweighing systems USA. Then look no further. Established for over 150 years. Bizerba is one of the hidden gems in the USA market today. Manufactured in the US and designed and developed in Germany. This is truly the best of both worlds. Design and technology know how from Germany and built to last here in the USA.  Checkweighers are the corner stone for all food manufactures globally. Used with inline inspection systems not only are the packs or food products weights checked but also that the contents are clear of any contaminants.

Checkweighing Systems USA – High IP Protection for wet cleaning

Full IP69 protection available on all checkweighing systems USA. Ideal for bread and dough manufacturers or areas for fresh food or open food packages. These machines are ideal for areas where wet cleaning is required. Alternatively we have the entire spectrum of IP protection machines available depending on your requirements. Along with high IP protection you can also have integrated checkweighers with metal detectors.

Checkweighing Systems USA – Inspection Systems

Additionally we also manufacture vision inspection machines, checking package integrity from above and below, also checking the labelling and expiry or sell by dates of each package and recording the image in case of recalls or problems at a later date. We also manufacture X-Ray food inspection systems allowing you to check for any inconsistencies within the packages at the end of the line. X-Ray food systems check for bone, rubber, plastics metal, glass and nearly any containment you can think of. Adding that final layer of protection and allowing you to avoid those costly product recalls.

Checkweighing Systems USA – Bizerba

Bizerba USA.

Our North American headquarters are located in Joppa, Maryland. The 110,000 square foot facility includes Bizerba Label Solution (BLS), best in class printing equipment, art and digital departments, retail equipment, distribution and spare parts for US operations. The facility also holds the Customer Service Division, Accounting Department, Printing Production, Distribution and Executive offices.

Additionally, we have an office in New Jersey and an office with our Engineering Group in Richmond, Virginia. Bizerba USA operates a full regional network of sales executives, supported by a field service team comprising of experienced / certified service engineers and technical specialists; with a full administrative office backup.

Additionally we have service engineers covering the entire country 24/7 7 days a week. For more information on the Bizerba portfolio of products and services feel free to contact us today.


Industrial Checkweighing Systems

Industrial Checkweighing systems from Bizerba. Consider the CWEmaxx series checkweighers. Also available as a combined system with integrated metal detectors. Predominantly used in the food industry for packaged food. Used also in non food areas where high speed weighing is required. The CWEmaxx comes with IP65 protection. Depending on the weights of the products this system can weigh up to 400 packages per minute. Also weighing anything from 10 grams to 1500 grams.

Industrial Checkweighing systems – Design

The modular checkweighing system will integrate seamlessly into your existing production line. It will work seamlessly with 3rd party software and hardware. Easily adjustable transport height for the goods also the direction is easily adjusted to suit your requirements. That covers height, Speed, direction, integration and much more.

Industrial Checkweighing systems – Highlights

  • Protection type IP65, See hygienic checkweigher for higher IP protection models
  • Statistic data evaluation with _statistics.BRAIN. Or thord party software can be used.
  • 7″ or 12″ colour touch screens available
  • Quick and easy cleaning vith the specially developed belt body and quick belt change system. Unique to Bizerba.
  • Integration of a metal detectors or other detection equipment is possible
  • Individual adjustment to customer requirements in terms of band width / length height and rotation.

Alternatively you may be looking for a weigh price labelling system. the following posts will cover these systems in more detail. However you may want to consider the GLM-Ievo systems. High speed checkweighing and labelling of up to 170 packages per minute.  Each weigh price labelling system and industrial checkweighing systems all come with alternative rejection options, these can be physical arms, pneumatic air or rejected packages can just be diverted down an alternative line for manual checking, reworking or disposing.

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Food Inspection Systems USA

Food Inspection Systems USA from Bizerba. Three main areas that need to be inspected on a food manufacturing product line are as follows. Metal Detection. X-Ray Food Inspection and Vision inspection. Also used inline with one or all three of these systems you will need to use a dynamic checkweigher to ensure that you avoid any costly product recalls.

Food Inspection Systems USA – Metal Detectors

Consider inspecting goods of up to 50 Kilograms. Any packages containing metal will be automatically rejected with pushers into bin of required. This may also incorporate an optional separating system to send the goods in alternative directions when required. The system easily detects small amounts of ferrous and non ferrous metals in the food, packaged or unpack aged. Extremely sensitive where required, easily programmed. Also these devices conform with BRC, IFS and HACCP guidelines Integrated models are available for the Bizerba checkweiging systems and labellers including the GLM-Ievo series with C-Wrap labelling is available.

Food Inspection Systems USA – X-Ray Food

Alternatively you may want to scan for a wide variety of alternative possible contaminants that may get into the production line. It maybe bone, glass, metal, plastic, rubber the list is endless. The X-Ray food systems from Bizerba are equally as sensitive with the added advantage of being able to detect the finest changes within a package. These systems will even be able to scan the contents and the density to ensure if it is meeting the criteria you have set up on the machine. Again all packages that fall outside your set criteria will automatically be rejected with pushers into a bin where required.

Food Inspection Systems USA – Vision Inspection

Finally vision inspection systems from Bizerba are in a class of their own, checking packages from above and below. the two main variants in the range are the Vision systems SealSecure and the LabelSecure vision system depending on the speed or rate of packages that need inspecting and also considering the IP protection required we have a vision inspection to suit your industrial food manufacturing and food packaging operations. The systems check the labels including the type and the dates on the labels including package type. Also included in the vision inspection is the seal integrity check, ensuring there are no leakages or incomplete seals on every package. Each scanned item has a digital imaged saved and archived for future reference.

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Production Checkweighers

Production checkweighers from Bizerba. German technology, built to last. If you are looking for the most reliable, robust and flexible checkwieighing systems on the market today then look no further. One of the most popular systems supplied by Bizerba is the Dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx. All the systems are fully supported and we have extensive stock. We pride ourselves on being the go to company and the most trusted checkweigher supplier USA. Production checkweighers are one of the cornerstone pieces of equipment in the food production industry. Each pack or product is weighed and if this falls outside the set tolerance the item will be rejected with pushers. You can then reprocess the goods where appropriate.

Production Checkweighers – Areas of use

Currently we supply production checkweighers for every food manufacturing scenario. Depending on your requirements, IP protection required or the output or speed of the line. We can tailor the system to suit your needs. Each checkweigher will easily integrate into existing lines and will work with 3rd party software. However you may also want to look at incorporating the Bizerba industrial software BRAIN2. If used with the range of vision inspection systems this then enables you to have complete food traceability and data capture. Each vision inspection system used in conjunction with production checkweighers will check the weight and reject accordingly then the vision system will check the pack integrity. Seal integrity, the correct package and labels are used. Sell by dates and expiry dates will be checked. Then an image automatically stored digitally of the package for future reference if required.

Production Checkweighers – With Inspection

Alternatively you may require further inspection systems such as metal detectors or x-ray food systems. We have a complete range of integrated metal detection systems that integrate with checkweighers, avoid costly product recalls by implementing a complete Bizerba system. Some of the largest food production facilities in the USA have now installed complete lines of Bizerba equipment and software systems. Eliminating inferior products, avoiding costly product recalls and saving time whilst increasing efficiency.

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Checkweigher Supplier USA

Checkweigher Supplier USA. Bizerba the globally recognised leaders in checkweigher and inspection systems for food production facilities. Consider the flexible standard model CWEmaxx dynamic checkweigher. Available in a number of combinations and will easily integrate with metal detectors, x-ray food systems and vision inspection systems.

Checkweigher Supplier USA – Why Bizerba?

The checkweigher supplier USA Bizerba, now operates in over 120 countries globally. Working with some of the worlds largest food producers. Not only renown for the quality of the products produced but also the full 360 degree support offered, the backbone of these precision industrial food production machines and food systems. Furthermore the dynamic checkweighing range is quite diverse. Each unit can be tailored to your specific requirements and will easily integrate with third party systems and machines. If you are looking for a checkweigher supplier USA that can supply a high IP protection system then look no further than the CWPmaxx process scales.

The CWPmaxx has high IP69 protection. Ideally suited to fresh food production areas or unpack-aged food. A weighing throughput of up to 250 products per minute, with weighing ranges of 50 grams to 3000 grams. Alternatively if you are looking for a much higher throughput but a slightly lower IP protection then the solution may be the CWFmaxx dynamic checkweigher. This will weigh up to 400 units per minute with weight ranges from 10 grams to 15000 grams.  IP65 protection ideally suited to areas that are hygienically controlled between open and packaged goods.

Further highlights as follows:


  • Protection type IP65
  • Statistic data evaluation with _statistics.BRAIN software
  • 12″ color touch screen
  • Quick and easy cleaning via the specially developed belt body and quick belt change system
  • Integration of a metal detector possible
  • Individual adjustment to customer needs in terms of band width / length possible

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Checkweighing or checkweigher is a manual or automatic machine for checking weight of packaged and unpack-aged goods. Predominantly used within the food industry. Checkweighing consists of a system that incorporates belts and weighing terminals for high speed production lines. Also known as in motion scales.

Checkweighing – Alternative Names

Also known in different locations around the world by many different names to include, dynamic checkweighers, in motion scales, belt weighers, check scales, high speed precision scales, conveyor scales or dynamic scales.

Checkweighing – Typical Set Up

Checkweigher systems have a set of belts, we use quick release belts that require minimal production down time.  As the packages pass over the load cell the system will record the package weight. If the package is within the set tolerances. The package will pass through to the next stage which would normally involve an inspection system.

Alternatively packages will be rejected if they are outside the set tolerance for the items being weighed. Any over weight or under weight packages will be rejected with pushers or we can incorporate a pneumatic option to reject the goods.

Checkweighing with Inspection

Furthermore due to the very high industry standards within the food sector. More often a requirement is to have at least one inspection system. One of the most popular solutions for production the integrated x-ray food systems. Not only checking for metallic objects but can detect, rubber, plastics, bone and even the product density.

Also metal detectors are still very popular, checking for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Each inspection system will again reject any goods that fail the checks whilst passing along the belt lines.

In addition to the internal inspection there is now a growing need for vision inspection. Checking the package integrity from above and below. Checking seam and seal and ensuring that every package is perfect before it leaves the line. A photographic archive created for each and every item leaving the line.

Also the vision inspection systems check the correct packaging is used. The correct labels with the correct print layout. Bar codes,  sell by dates recorded and monitored. Any package that fails again rejected with pushers.

Checkweighing machines easily adapted for any type of production environment. Each system easily tailored to the customers particular requirements.

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Dynamic Checkweighing

Dynamic checkweighing from Bizerba. High speed High IP protection checkweighing. Inline checkweighers for the food industry. The very best German technology and parts ensuring you of the reliability you can trust. Three main variants in the range that can all be tailored to your individual requirements. The entry level CWDmaxx dynamic checkweigher will weigh up to 250 units per minute with IP54 protection. This is the preferred choice for food manufactures that require a system that does not require wet cleaning. Each of the dynamic checkweighing systems are modular allowing for up to 5 belt modules.

Dynamic Checkweighing – Options

Further options in the checkweighing range are the CWEmaxx and the CWFmaxx dynamic checkweighing systems. Depending on the speed required the weights that need to be monitored and the IP protection for the products weighed. Combined the three models will cover every conceivable scenario that you may encounter. In addition, every model is modular and has a vast array of options available as additional features.

Also to compliment the dynamic checkweighing options we supply a vast array of inspection systems. Integrated metal detectors, X-Ray Food inspection systems and vision inspection systems. We will discuss these systems at a later date. However for more information please visit the main site and discover more about our inspection systems.

Dynamic Checkweighing – High IP Protection

In areas for unpack-aged food we have a high IP69 protection system. The CWPmaxx dynamic checkweighing system. Perfectly suited to extremely harsh environments where wet cleaning occurs. The most common areas of use are as follows.

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Fresh meat, ground meat
  • Sausages / cold cuts
  • Instant meals, tinned food
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Dairy products

Combining a dynamic checkweighing system with one or more inspection systems will ensure you produce a perfect product every time. Also consider each package will be checked, inside and out for any contaminants, irregular packaging or labels. Even the use by dates and bar codes are read by our vision inspection systems. Helping you prevent those costly product recalls. Why not download the latest white paper on How To Prevent Product Recalls.

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