Food Safety Inspection Systems from Bizerba. In line with international standards, creating food safety inspection systems for industry. Taking the lead globally on food safety requirements and bringing solutions to industry with our tried and tested inspection systems.

Food Safety Inspection Systems – Vision Inspection

Up to 10% of all packed fresh food does not adhere to the required standards. Normally this is due to cosmetic flaws on the packages and labels. Whether the labels are creased, packages are damaged or seals have integral problems.

A rather frustrating scenario when a package with the contents intact, but remains on the shelf due to inferior packaging or labelling. An easy fix to this is to apply an x-ray food system accompanied with a vision inspection system on the production line.

One of the most popular camera vision inspection systems is the BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system. Detecting leaks in packages and seals, label integrity, label positioning and also checking it is the correct label, bar code and date.

Also detecting incorrect information in the text fields and ensuring every package that leaves the line is 100% as it should be. From the smallest detail to include the ingredients in the package. All offending packages immediately rejected with pushers in real time. Data information reported and recorded. Consistent numbers of rejections occur in succession, systems can be programmed to halt the line to reduce wastage.

Food Safety Inspection Systems – X-Ray Food

X-Ray Food inspection systems XRE_2 are now more popular than ever. Out performing metal detectors due to the flexibility and versatility in detecting foreign objects. Not only able to detect metal but can identify, plastics, rubber, glass and even small stones. Irregular consistencies within a package can also be identified.

These inspection systems can check, weigh inspect and reject up to 600 packages per minute. Offering a fast solution with 100% protection over the production line.

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