Bizerba Scales and cash register integration. Introducing the new flexible approach to retail weighing and integration. The new retail scale K-Class Flex range of retail scales.

Bizerba Scales and cash register integration – K-Class Flex

Allowing for a more tailored approach as oppose to a single unit. the K-Class Flex retail scale is a modular system. Allowing for complete flexibility. Each component can be situated in different areas for example the printer can be situated back of house whist the till can be placed at the front of the restaurant. Multiple till units can be used for restaurants allowing the kitchen and the waiters to seamlessly work in unison.

Where space is limited the units give you the flexibility to site each component required in different areas or they can be set out exactly as required.  Completely flexible scales and cash register. These solutions can also be used with hand held devises in restaurants with the Bizerba Retail software.

The modular design and wireless applications are extremely aesthetically pleasing and the technology all but fades into the background creating a seamless customer experience.

Watch the latest video showcasing some of the unique and fantastic features of the Retail Scales and cash register integration in action.

One of the key areas in the range is the software and functionality and ease of use. Not only is the modular design important but the software and the flexibility. It can prove to be one of the most important considerations.

Bizerba Scales and cash register integration – Software

As the K-Class Flex is software driven and is controlled from a central point via the internet. Set up, reporting and even service issues can be managed remotely.

Furthermore this is another layer of service we also supply with all our K-Class Flex retail scale systems. If for what ever reason there is a system fault or a user needs support. We are available and can resolve things quickly via remote access.

Finally Contact Us for more information on our Bizerba Scales and cash register integration. We will visit you at your place of business and supply you with a no obligation quote and solution.