Cooked Meat Slicer

Cooked Meat Slicer from Bizerba. Built with efficiency and safety in mind. Consider one of the very best meat slicers on the market today. In stock, next day delivery.

The most popular cooked meat slicer is the GSP H manual gravity feed slicer. This premium meat slicer sets the global standard for hygiene, efficiency and safety.

Cooked Meat Slicer – GSP H Features

Due to the inclined carriage and ergonomic design. Effortless slicing through gravity. Heavier products will not create any problems at all. The unique powerful blade drive system only uses the power required to slice each cut. Thus saving you further on energy costs. Why not watch the latest video on the GSP H.

Cooked Meat Slicer – Highlights

  • The right carriage version for any application
  • Drain on the slicing system and drain protection of liquids for a clean work station
  • Optional hygienic Ceraclean® surface
  • Optional energy and safety package allows automatic blade start/stop via slice thickness adjustment and vizualisation

Cooked Meat Slicer – High Capacity

In addition if you are looking for a high capacity cooked meat slicer. Then consider the automatic vertical slicer A400.  High capacity flexible solution for butchers shops and delicatessens. All slicing tasks are reproduced perfectly every time ready for packing. Consistent products every time. The high speed cooked meat slicer.


  • Carriage versions for different product lengths and re-clamping option
  • Inter leaver connection (dispenser for interleaving paper or film)
  • Stand with quick lift function for secure standing and easy transport of the A400

Finally for more information on the Bizerba slicers we have a dedicated page for the entire portfolio. The range includes retail and industrial meat slicers that can cope with some of the highest demands in the industry today.

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Heavy Duty Weighing Scales

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales. Bizerba the industry leaders in checkweighing and industrial inspection systems. Introducing the robust but flexible range of heavy duty weighing scales. Also known as platform scales or load receptors, we have a variant for every industry. Precision scales for medical purposes to the large over head track scales and weigh bridges.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Variants

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Load Receptor Economy
Load Receptor Economy

The Economy series are generally single point load receptors weighing ranges from 150 Kilograms to 4000 kilograms. Each scale can easily be integrated with our GLPmaxx series of label printers and or our range of terminals including the industrial weighing terminal is30.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Load Receptors Precision
Load Receptors Precision

On the other end of the spectrum we have our professional series, multiple variants capable of precisely weighing goods with ranges as small as 15 Kilograms all the way up to over 15 Tonnes. Again each platform scale or load receptor is easily integrated with labelling systems and weighing terminals.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Terminals

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Weighing Terminals
Weighing Terminals

Weighing terminals to compliment your heavy duty weighing scales for every conceivable scenario. Depending on the weight and the IP protection you require, we will have a terminal to suit your business. Why not discover more about the bizerba range of industrial scales and terminals.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Special Scales

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Special Scales
Special Scales

Finally we have an entire range of special industrial heavy duty weighing scales. To include pallet truck scales, overhead load receptors for abattoirs, special load receptors that can manage weights of over 40 tonnes. Ideal for hazardous areas. For more information on our special scales why not visit the Bizerba main site.

For more information on the Bizerba industrial scales range or Heavy duty weighing scales, load receptors or platform scales feel free to contact us today for a free site survey or consultation visit. Each scale system has a modular design, built to your specific requirements. Bizerba scales will also easily integrate with existing software, terminals and label printers. Alternatively you may also want to read about the Bizerba Logistics systems that compliment our platform scale ranges.


Inline Product Inspection Systems

Inline Product Inspection Systems from Bizerba. The three main types of inspection systems are as follows. Metal Detectors, Vision Inspection systems and X-Ray inspection systems. All of which can easily be integrated with industrial checkweighing systems. Currently the most popular combination would be X-Ray inspection followed by vision inspection. The advantages over metal detectors is X-Ray food inspection systems will not only identify metal but an endless list of potential contaminants including, glass, bone, rubber. X-Ray Food systems will even check that the density meets the requirement that you have set up on the system.

To accompany the X-Ray food system the second stage is the vision inspection system. These machines not only check the integrity of the package additionally checks the seals of the package, the correct package has been used. The correct labels have been used and will also check the expiry or used by dates and product descriptions. Any packages that fall outside this criteria will be rejected immediately.

Inline Product Inspection Systems – With Vision

Also consider the newest vision inspection system in the Bizerba portfolio is the ThermoSecure L. This system can be used as a stand alone unit to check packages from above and below. High IP protection lends this system to wet areas or exposed food products, adding the extra layer of protection you may require. We recommend you use an inline checkweigher with  vision inspection systems.

Inline Product Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

Furthermore metal detection inspection systems are still extremely popular, they are able to detect minute and even trace amounts of metal contaminants well below the recommended industry standards. At times where sensitive products such as baby food or medical items need to be 100% contaminant free. All three systems situated or placed inline. With an inline checkweigher for added verification.

Finally if you are looking for inline product inspection systems contact Bizerba today for a free site survey or consultation visit.


Ready Meal Inspection Systems

Ready Meal Inspection Systems from Bizerba. A complete range of inspection systems for prepacked and unpack-aged food. Normally used inline with dynamic checkwighing systems a combination of metal detectors, X-Ray systems and vision inspection systems will enable any production facility to remain compliant, now and well into the future.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Metal Detectors

The Bizerba  VARICON+ metal inspection systems are reliable and will quickly identify any ferrous and non ferrous metals or contaminants in packages, automatically rejecting all goods with pushers, if necessary the system can be set up so that the line is halted until the appropriate investigations have been carried out to stop any further contamination. These devices conform to HACCP, BRC and IFS guidelines. In addition these can also be used with integrated checkweighers and price labelers where required.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – X-Ray inspection systems

Recently due to the diverse amount of contaminant that could potentially enter the packages throughout production, the most popular inspection system and the preferred choice for the majority of food production facilities are the X-Ray Food Inspection systems. Consider the product inspection system XRE_2 from Bizerba. Also compliant with the additional features of being able to detect anything from Bone, Glass, Rubber, metal, plastics this list is endless. An X-Ray inspection system will even identify inconsistencies with regard the density of the product. Ensuring that every package that leaves the facility is 100% contaminant free.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – With Vision

Finally to compliment the range of ready meal inspection systems. Introducing the vision inspection systems. Two variants in the range depending on the production speed required and the level of IP protection. The most recent addition to the Bizerba portfolio is the ThermoSecure L vision inspection system. Each package is checked from above and below. Seal integrity, label positioning, correct packaging and the system even checks the correct text and sell by dates on every package. Additionally every pack is digitally recorded and the image can be stored in the cloud. Each package that may be subject to investigation can be recalled at a touch of a button.

Why not watch the latest video, showcasing some of the unique features of the Bizerba vision inspection system.

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Cooked Meat Slicers

Firstly introducing cooked Meat Slicers from Bizerba.

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One of the most popular meat slicers are the gravity feed slicers. Ideal for delicatessens, service counters and busy kitchens. Consider the Automatic slicer GSP. Ideally suited to all manual meat cutting tasks. Due to its inclined carriage.

Furthermore due to the Ceraclean® The Essence of Purity surface the cutting motion is extremely easy. An added layer of hygiene and an extremely sharp but resilient cutting surface. Enabling you to easily cut through any cooked meats.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Options

  • Hollow-ground blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Hollow-ground blade, Ceraclean®.
  • Cheese blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Blade covers, open or closed.
  • Remnant holder plates, with spikes or smooth.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Rubber bars or feet.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Alternative Models

Alternatively go here to view the entire range of Bizerba Slicers. We will cover a few more models in this Bizerba Blog. The next most popular models are the automatic gravity feed slicers.

Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed
Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed

In addition these slicers are the most premium quality units on the market today. Also available with Ceraclean®. Full servo support is available when cutting heavy products. The slicer can also be used in Manual mode or Semi automatic mode. Depending on the users requirements.

Also included within this unit is the Energy Efficient Cutting – Emotion. Saving valuable money when the unit is not in use. Adjusting the power output depending on the weight and the strain on the blade.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Further Options

  • Extra blade versions for various products.
  • Blade covers for different product dimensions.
  • Carriage version adjusted to the product with product clamping, product holder and special product clamping devices such as product fences for tomatoes and salads.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Installation with closed frame or on feet, optionally with lifting device.
  • Includes static portion scale.

In conclusion if you are looking for  cooked meat Slicers. Then contact Bizerba today. We will visit you at your premises with the units you would like to see in action.


Vision Inspection Systems

Vision Inspection Systems from Bizerba. The new comprehensive range of inspection systems capture every package that passes. Each unit is visually scanned from above and below. In addition the vision inspection systems check the seal integrity. Rejecting any and all packages that fall outside the programmed set criteria.

Vision Inspection Systems – Variants

Firstly one of the most popular vision inspection systems from Bizerba is the BVS®-L vision system. This high speed system checks the packages from above and below. Each package is recorded and photographed for future reference if required. All the seals and packages are checked. In addition the system will recognise and reject any packages with incorrect packaging, incorrect labels and even reject and identify any expiry dates and sell by dates that do not adhere to the programmed criteria.

Vision Inspection Systems ThemoSecure L
Vision Inspection Systems ThemoSecure L

In addition the new and very popular system is the ThermoSecure L. With all the added benefits of the BVS®-L vision inspection systems this one is a closed unit. Lending itself to fresh food and exposed goods this system is ideal where high IP protection is required for wet areas. Seamlessly integrating with existing lines and paired with the Bizerba BRAIN2 industrial software will offer you the very best data capture and data exchange platform on the market today.

Vision Inspection Systems – Smaller production

Why not watch the latest video, showcasing some of the smaller vision inspection systems unique features and benefits with high precision.

Alternatively for the smaller production facility with slower lower output requirements you may want to consider the Vision Inspection Label Secure vision inspection systems. Some of the highlights of the slightly smaller version are as follows.

  • Synchronous package inspection by means of two cameras
  • Belt speeds of up to 65 m/min possible
  • Guarantee correct packaging for the product
  • Automatic rejection of packages not conforming with reference criteria
  • Reading of texts (e.g. min. sell-by date)
  • Easy “teaching” of package criteria
  • Data management via the _dataMaintenance.BRAIN software solution
  • Creation of reports in _statistics.BRAIN or other statistics programs
  • Password protected user management

Finally for all your checkweighing and inspection requirements we will have a solution for you, no matter how large or small your food production facility may be. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits. For more information on the Bizerba range of products and services contact us today for a no obligation quote.


Dynamic Checkweighing

Dynamic checkweighing from Bizerba. High speed High IP protection checkweighing. Inline checkweighers for the food industry. The very best German technology and parts ensuring you of the reliability you can trust. Three main variants in the range that can all be tailored to your individual requirements. The entry level CWDmaxx dynamic checkweigher will weigh up to 250 units per minute with IP54 protection. This is the preferred choice for food manufactures that require a system that does not require wet cleaning. Each of the dynamic checkweighing systems are modular allowing for up to 5 belt modules.

Dynamic Checkweighing – Options

Further options in the checkweighing range are the CWEmaxx and the CWFmaxx dynamic checkweighing systems. Depending on the speed required the weights that need to be monitored and the IP protection for the products weighed. Combined the three models will cover every conceivable scenario that you may encounter. In addition, every model is modular and has a vast array of options available as additional features.

Also to compliment the dynamic checkweighing options we supply a vast array of inspection systems. Integrated metal detectors, X-Ray Food inspection systems and vision inspection systems. We will discuss these systems at a later date. However for more information please visit the main site and discover more about our inspection systems.

Dynamic Checkweighing – High IP Protection

In areas for unpack-aged food we have a high IP69 protection system. The CWPmaxx dynamic checkweighing system. Perfectly suited to extremely harsh environments where wet cleaning occurs. The most common areas of use are as follows.

  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Fresh meat, ground meat
  • Sausages / cold cuts
  • Instant meals, tinned food
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Dairy products

Combining a dynamic checkweighing system with one or more inspection systems will ensure you produce a perfect product every time. Also consider each package will be checked, inside and out for any contaminants, irregular packaging or labels. Even the use by dates and bar codes are read by our vision inspection systems. Helping you prevent those costly product recalls. Why not download the latest white paper on How To Prevent Product Recalls.

For more information on our products and services, Contact us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.



Meat Slicer Design

Meat Slicer design to help reduce the risk of illness from food borne pathogens

Considering a 2015 study by Purdue University suggests standard cleaning procedures don’t sufficiently eliminate the potentially deadly bacteria Listeria. Researchers found a disturbing 9.5% of the samples taken from retail delis contaminated with Listeria.  Samples were from floors, drains, all contact points.

Deli meats have long been associated with Listeria. While it is estimated to infect about 1600 people a year, it is fatal to 260 of them, making it the deadliest of food borne pathogens. The elderly, pregnant women, young children, immune compromised are most susceptible.

Additionally there are about 50,000 reported cases / year of illness caused by Salmonella. The CDC estimates there are a staggering 2 – 4 million cases of Salmonellae / year in the USA when unreported cases are factored in. Of 1000 people infected, 220 will require hospitalization and 8 will die.

In recent years there have been two prominent Salmonella outbreaks linked to a deli slicer. In one case, the bacteria thrived behind a thumb guard and contaminated the sliced product. This was a design deficiency that relied on a silicone seal that failed with routine cleaning.

A 2010 outbreak in Rhode Island was ultimately traced back to a slicer. At some point, contaminated tomatoes were prepared in the machine leaving behind debris in hard to clean areas. According to the RI Department of Health, of all infections connected to deli meats, as much as 80% have come from meats sliced at retail groceries.

Meat Slicer Design – Key Points

Also it is reasonable to anticipate food debris collecting on the slicer. The FDA requires the slicers to be cleaned every 4 hours. Designing a slicer that has no gaps, recesses, seams, potential harborage points, silicone seals, is essential to protect the consumer as well as the owner. NSF ANSI 8 is a minimum standard. Bizerba exceeds the minimum, providing the highest hygiene protection available in the world.

Construction details of the slicer are the first line of defence against illness from food borne pathogens.

Meat Slicer Design – Solutions

Furthermore we use a one piece extruded carriage plate. The thumb guard is attached by stir friction welding. This eliminates the possibility of porosity. This is an expensive process but most effective. Other manufacturers bolt the thumb guard to the carriage creating a seam.  Cross contamination risk is enhanced.The Bizerba slice thickness knob is flush mounted with the additional protection of a UL 157 seal. The other manufacturers recess their knob into the housing creating a hard too clean cavity. The slice thickness knob is touched hundreds of times a day. Cross contamination is inevitable.

Also the gauge plate is in constant contact with the product. Bizerba uses a one piece extruded aluminium gauge plate for optimal protection. Bolt-on, 2 piece assemblies have inherent contamination risks both immediate and long term. Bizerba completely seals the blade to the machine housing with a UL 157 seal. No gaps in this high contact area.

Finally for more information on Meat slicer design and the options available from Bizerba. Visit the Main Site or Contact us today.


Preventing Injuries Deli Meat Slicers

Preventing injuries deli meat slicers from Bizerba. OSHA identifies improper operation and cleaning as the top causes of cuts and amputations with meat slicers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the rate of injuries with days away from work from cuts, lacerations and punctures are 9.6 cases per 10k full time workers in the Retail Industry. This represents 9% of the total injuries. These numbers do not include amputations.

Preventing Injuries Deli Meat Slicers – Development

The Retail and Food Service industries have developed Best Practices to reduce the incidence of the injuries. While the number of injuries has declined over the last few years, workers compensation and lost productivity are measured in the tens of millions of dollars.

In an effort to help reduce these types of injuries, enabling preventing injuries deli meat slicers.  Bizerba, the leader in food slicing innovation, has developed an Optical Slicer Status Indicator. Using the latest LED technology, operators and managers can immediately see that the slicer is in a Safe Mode – blade edge covered, or in a high risk situation – unattended slicer with the blade exposed.

In addition to the visual safety system, every Bizerba Deli Meat Slicer is built with multiple efficient safety systems which enable all removable parts that are dishwasher safe and can be remounted in a flash. Prevent injuries increase efficiency and reduce costs with a Bizerba Meat Slicer.

Preventing Injuries with Deli Meat Slicers

Preventing injuries deli meat slicers – Visual Guide

This optical safety system improves the overall safety of the slicer and increases the attention of the operator. In the noisy and often chaotic Deli, restaurant and prep rooms, the Optical Slicer Status Indicator alerts everyone.

Bizerba is a globally recognised company with over 3900 employees. Operating in over 120 countries. Every system supplied is fully supported we have an extensive network of technicians and service engineers. For more information on our products and services Contact Bizerba today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.


13 questions to our CEO Robert Slykhuis

Spotlight:  Robert Slykhuis, President & CEO, Bizerba North America

  1. Hi Rob. Let’s start off with something easy. Where are you from? I am a Canadian from Dutch parents. Although working a lot of my career in the US I make my home in Bond Head, near  Toronto, Canada.
  1. Why did you decide to pursue a career in the food industry? Not a lot of planning or forethought went into it. From school I was pursuing a sales career in capital equipment, which led to the food industry. Through the past almost 40 years I have found it to be one of the most stable industries to work in through all economic situations so continued on.
  1. How long have you been with Bizerba and what has initially attracted you to the company? I recently passed 18 years with Bizerba. Initially it was the company that came to me and while I was initially happy where I was and not really looking around, it turned out to be a great decision to join.
  1. What is the most exciting thing Bizerba is doing for the food industry today from your perspective? Without question it is our focus on the “My Bizerba” products which is a combination of hardware, software and services which is changing the customer experience by offering a full life cycle solution. Our customers are able to maintain the latest technology with the most comprehensive service for the best value.
  1. Drawing from your range of experiences, what inspires you personally and professionally? More than anything I like to win. It is great to see the growth we have achieved and the market share increases but nothing feels better than winning a new customer or order. In this case size really doesn’t always matter as it can be as rewarding or even more so to win a particularly difficult small negotiation as it is to see overall results.
  1. What are you most proud of? My family. In a time when it is common for people of my generation (myself included) to criticize the underachieving millennials, I am proud to see my children work hard and progress in their careers. My father was an immigrant bus driver who ascended to a senior management position through hard work and I like to think that example is what inspires us.
  1. What was the most important thing you learned over the years? Perseverance. I don’t really believe in luck so most of what I have seen us achieve has been due to the determination of our people and being able to continue on through adversity.
  1. What is the best advice you ever received? 80% of success is showing up. No matter how talented you think you are or how much you think your customers love you, nothing replaces working hard and putting the effort into being there.
  1. What is one goal — either personal or professional — that you would like to accomplish during your lifetime? I have an antique grand piano that I purchased and restored about 15 years ago with the goal to become proficient at it. With the current workload and travel schedule it still seems like a distant goal but hoping to at least start in the near future.
  1. What is one piece of technology you can’t live without? Going to have to say my iPhone. First thing I look at in the morning to catch my wake-up emails from Germany, and last thing to see that there are no open issues at night. I tend to get many more emails and texts now than phone calls but make sure I am always accessible to internal and external customers regardless of the day or time.
  1. What is your best advice for young people starting in business? A lot of emphasis seems to be placed on work\life balance, especially by younger people. I believe this is something to aspire to, not demand. We all have to sacrifice our personal time and put in the extra effort to be successful and with success you will be able to better achieve balance in your life.
  1. What keeps you busy in your spare time? I have a small lake property and enjoy water-skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking, skiing and other outdoor activities. I would like to add fishing but my success rate is pretty limited so far, seems to be an attention span issue. I also like to do a lot of the outdoor work around our property but judging by the number of self-inflicted injuries, not always as well as I would like.
  1. In 3 words, how would your employees, friends and family describe you? Ready, Fire, Aim. Not really much to be into the details I tend to want to act quickly and decisively. Luckily I am surrounded by a strong team and a wife who allow me to progress at full speed ahead and have someone to back-fill when needed.

13 questions to our CEO Robert Slykhuis was brought to from Bizerba. For the Entire Bizerba range of products and services Contact us today.