Butcher Shop Meat Slicer

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer is the corner stone of the business. Creating perfect cuts for cooked and uncooked meat. Our range will cover every aspect for front and back of house food slicing and production. The most popular system for a butcher shop meat slicer would be the automatic gravity feed slicer GSP H.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer GSP H

Considering the GSP H or any gravity feed slicer for the business is a big decision. Ensuring you have a hygienic and robust machine that is easy to operate even when cutting large products. Always considering hygiene, safety and energy efficiency.

Furthermore the GSP H can cut a huge variety of products in automatic and manual mode. Making this one of the most flexible systems on the market today.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer fitted with Ceraclean

When hygiene is of utmost importance, we offer a surface unrivalled to date. The unique surface developed by Bizerba is harder than steel and can withstand any detergents thrown at it. Endurance, flexibility and hygiene all in one.

Why not look at the latest video. Is the GSP H the one for you?

Also consider for slightly smaller product range but a unit that still outperforms anything on the market today the Manual Gravity Slicer GSP.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer – Manual Options

Another application or unit is the Validoline GSC280. When demand is high and performance if key. This is the unit preferred in most commercial kitchens.

In addition it is ideal for space saving. Kitchens cafeteria’s and delicatessens prefer this system over anything else. Hygiene and clean ability Ceraclean Surface. Outstanding gliding properties. Easy to clean. Accurate and ergonomic.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer Bizerba Validoline
Butcher Shop Meat Slicer Bizerba Validoline.

Finally consider this has the most powerful motor for a unit of this size. It is also one of the most energy efficient on the market today. Combining the two most important factors in the industry. Cost and Efficiency. As always never scrimping on ergonomics and safety.

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Commercial Bread Slicers

Bizerba now have Commercial Bread Slicers. Increasing the sectors we can now support. Taking the best industry know how and applying it. Firstly consider the history of the business. 150+ Years in slicing and weighing.

Who uses Bizerba Commercial Bread Slicers.

Anyone that sells bread. Basically if you sell uncut loaves. There is a place in your business for this machine. You can visit many supermarkets in the USA and you will see the Bread Slicer Agiloline B100.

Therefore why should you purchase one. Thousands of business’s across the US can’t be wrong. Since the commercial bread slicer will quarter, half and slice any uncut loaf.

Furthermore it can cut through warm bread, soft bread and leaves no wastage at all.

Agiloline Commercial Bread Slicers.

Especially relevant are some of the most impressive highlights of the bread slicer are as follows. The unit has a self service programme. Keeping safety paramount. Ensuring the user is protected at all times. In addition uses a standard 120 volt AC plug. The system is used everywhere in the store.

Also consider oil free slicing. Preventing any germs or bacteria build up. This extends the shelf life and lends it self to easy cleaning.

Furthermore you can view all the technical information and product information here. Agiloline Bread Slicer.

Best design and function.

To compliment the neutral colour design of the Agiloline B100 fits naturally into any environment. At the same time enhances the interior design of very tastefully equipped sales areas. With or without a stand.

It is a pleasure working with the commercial bread slicers. Thanks to superior design and high-quality material. Even hygienic cleaning in no time is extraordinary. The very best design and function.

This is true partnership.

Consequently high availability of valuable investments by means of preventative maintenance can be secured very easily, supported very effectively with the modular choice of service contracts. Every possible scenario is covered for every eventuality.

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